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Animal Productivity

Lamb peeping around a gate

The Animal Productivity group encompasses a wide range of disciplines, with the purpose of developing advanced technology options for animal reproduction and enhancement of animal performance.

We use a broad range of physiology and genomics-based research tools that will detect and utilise the natural gene variants that control economically important traits such as growth rate, fecundity, meat quality and disease resistance. Our research collectively covers the full breadth of the product development life cycle from basic research through to the commercialisation.

DNA testing analyses are provided through GenomNZ™ which includes DNA profiling, parentage testing, pedigree verification, sire/dam match, DNA-match, identity test, hybrid identification and single gene tests.

We have access to a fully-equipped dairy farm with modern facilities to do detailed investigations on dairy cattle production and reproductive performance.

We retain a core service in embryology and semen biology and provide advice to artificial breeding organisations, and embryo technology practitioners. Our scientists have a strong capability in muscle and developmental biology with strong links to industry.




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Edwards, Dr SaraScience Team Leader/Senior ScientistReproductive & Developmental BiologyInvermay
Rickman, Dr RosemaryGenomNZ Laboratory Manager/Team LeaderGenomNZInvermay
Wells, Dr DavidTeam Leader/ Principal Scientist Reproductive TechnologiesRuakura

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