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collapse Group/Portfolio : Agricultural Policy ‎(1)
Wedderburn, Dr LizPortfolio LeaderAgricultural PolicyRuakura
collapse Group/Portfolio : Animal Nutrition & Health ‎(14)
Altermann, Dr EricSenior ScientistAnimal Nutrition & HealthGrasslands
Attwood, Dr GraemeSenior ScientistAnimal Nutrition & HealthGrasslands
Buddle, Dr BrycePrincipal ScientistAnimal Nutrition & HealthHopkirk
Cookson, Dr AdrianTeam LeaderAnimal Nutrition & HealthGrasslands
Gagic, DraganaScientistAnimal Nutrition & HealthGrasslands
Kelly, Dr BillSenior ScientistAnimal Nutrition & HealthGrasslands
Kittelmann, Dr SandraResearch ScientistAnimal Nutrition & HealthGrasslands
Leahy, Dr SineadSenior ScientistAnimal Nutrition & HealthGrasslands
McCoard, Dr SueResearch ScientistAnimal Nutrition & HealthGrasslands
Meeking, RoyResearch AssociateAnimal Nutrition & HealthHopkirk
Moon, Dr ChristinaSenior ScientistAnimal Nutrition & HealthGrasslands
Muetzel, Dr StefanSenior Research ScientistAnimal Nutrition & HealthGrasslands
Pacheco, Dr DavidTeam LeaderAnimal Nutrition & HealthGrasslands
Sutherland, Dr IanScience Group LeaderAnimal Nutrition & HealthHopkirk
collapse Group/Portfolio : Animal Productivity ‎(36)
Adam, HeathResearch/Field Technician Animal ProductivityInvermay
Amyes, NevilleResearch AssociateAnimal ProductivityRuakura
Anderson, RaynaGenomNZ Product Development ManagerAnimal ProductivityInvermay
Baird, HayleyResearch AssociateAnimal ProductivityInvermay
Bixley, MatthewResearch AssociateAnimal ProductivityInvermay
Cassie, NickyTechnical AssistantAnimal ProductivityInvermay
Clarke, Dr ShannonScientistAnimal ProductivityInvermay
Cullum, Dr AliVeterinarian, Animal Welfare OfficerAnimal ProductivityRuakura
Edwards, Dr SaraScience Team Leader/Senior ScientistAnimal ProductivityInvermay
French, MichelleResearch AssociateAnimal ProductivityInvermay
Henry, HannahResearch AssociateAnimal ProductivityInvermay
Hyndman, DianneResearch AssociateAnimal ProductivityInvermay
Johnson, Dr TriciaScientistAnimal ProductivityInvermay
Juengel, Dr JennyPrincipal ScientistAnimal ProductivityInvermay
Kauff, AlexiaResearch AssociateAnimal ProductivityInvermay
Laible, Dr GoetzSenior ScientistAnimal ProductivityRuakura
Lucas, MichaelResearch TechnicianAnimal ProductivityInvermay
Martinez, Dr MarceloScientistAnimal ProductivityInvermay
McDonald, RobinResearch AssociateAnimal ProductivityRuakura
McEwan, Dr JohnSenior ScientistAnimal ProductivityInvermay
McEwan, MarySystem ManagerAnimal ProductivityInvermay
Molenaar, Dr AdrianSenior ScientistAnimal ProductivityRuakura
Oback, Dr BjornSenior ScientistAnimal ProductivityRuakura
Quirke, LaurelSenior Research AssociateAnimal ProductivityInvermay
Renshaw, PruResearch Associate Animal ProductivityInvermay
Rickman, Dr RosemaryGenomNZ Laboratory Manager/Team LeaderAnimal ProductivityInvermay
Senna Salerno, Dr MonicaSenior ScientistAnimal ProductivityRuakura
Shackell, GrantScientistAnimal ProductivityInvermay
Smaill, BronwynResearch TechnicianAnimal ProductivityInvermay
Stevens, DeirdreResearch AssociateAnimal ProductivityInvermay
Stuart, LynleySnr Technician/ Research Assoc Animal ProductivityInvermay
Styles, EdCustomer solutions specialistAnimal ProductivityInvermay
Van Stijn, TraceyResearch AssociateAnimal ProductivityInvermay
Wagner, StefanScientistAnimal ProductivityRuakura
Wells, Dr DavidTeam Leader/ Principal Scientist Animal ProductivityRuakura
Wilson, SharynTechnicianAnimal ProductivityInvermay
collapse Group/Portfolio : Dairy On-farm ‎(1)
Devlin, ShanePortfolio LeaderDairy On-farmRuakura
collapse Group/Portfolio : Food & Bio-based Products ‎(62)
Anderson, Dr RachelSenior ScientistFood & Bio-based ProductsGrasslands
Balan, Dr PrabhuPost-doctoral ScientistFood & Bio-based ProductsRuakura
Barnett, AliciaStipendFood & Bio-based ProductsGrasslands
Barnett, Dr MatthewSenior Research ScientistFood & Bio-based ProductsThe Liggins Institute, University of Auckland
Bassett, Dr ShalomeScientistFood & Bio-based ProductsGrasslands
Berger, NadjaStipendFood & Bio-based ProductsGrasslands
Bermingham, Dr EmmaResearch ScientistFood & Bio-based ProductsGrasslands
Brightwell, Dr GaleTeam LeaderFood & Bio-based ProductsHopkirk
Brorens, PeterTextile ScientistFood & Bio-based ProductsLincoln
Cakebread, Dr JulieScientistFood & Bio-based ProductsRuakura
Clerens, Dr StefanScience Team LeaderFood & Bio-based ProductsLincoln
Collie, Dr StewartTeam Leader/Senior ScientistFood & Bio-based ProductsLincoln
Cooper, AndyScience Impact Leader - Wool Products & Supply Food & Bio-based ProductsLincoln
Dalziel, Dr JulieSenior ScientistFood & Bio-based ProductsGrasslands
Deb-Choudhury, Dr SantanuResearch ScientistFood & Bio-based ProductsLincoln
Dobbie, PeterSenior Research AssociateFood & Bio-based ProductsRuakura
Dunstan, KellyResearch TechnicianFood & Bio-based ProductsGrasslands
Dyer, Dr JolonScience Group LeaderFood & Bio-based ProductsLincoln
Fowler, IanSenior TechnicianFood & Bio-based ProductsLincoln
Frost, DeborahLaboratory ManagerFood & Bio-based ProductsRuakura
Gathercole, Dr JessicaProteomics ScientistFood & Bio-based ProductsLincoln
Ghosh, Dr ArunScientistFood & Bio-based ProductsLincoln
Grosvenor, Dr AnitaScientistFood & Bio-based ProductsLincoln
Gupta, Dr Tanushree BaruaScientistFood & Bio-based ProductsHopkirk
Haigh, Dr BrendanScience Team Leader Food & Bio-based ProductsRuakura
Harland, Dr DuaneScientistFood & Bio-based ProductsLincoln
Hassan, Dr Mohammad MahbubulSenior ScientistFood & Bio-based ProductsLincoln
Hodgson, Dr AlexScientistFood & Bio-based ProductsLincoln
Kemp, RobertResearch EngineerFood & Bio-based ProductsRuakura
Knowles, Dr ScottSenior ScientistFood & Bio-based ProductsGrasslands
Lau, BenjaminPhD StudentFood & Bio-based ProductsLincoln
Leath, ShaneSenior Research EngineerFood & Bio-based ProductsRuakura
Maier, EvaPhD StudentFood & Bio-based ProductsGrasslands
McCann, Dr Mark JResearch ScientistFood & Bio-based ProductsGrasslands
McNeil, Dr SteveSenior ScientistFood & Bio-based ProductsLincoln
Middlewood, PaulEngineerFood & Bio-based ProductsLincoln
Mills, JohnSenior ScientistFood & Bio-based ProductsRuakura
Mohan, Dr VathsalaPost-doctoral ScientistFood & Bio-based ProductsGrasslands
Munday, Christine MaryTechnicianFood & Bio-based ProductsRuakura
Munday, Dr RexSenior ScientistFood & Bio-based ProductsRuakura
Peters, JasonResearch AssociateFood & Bio-based ProductsGrasslands
Plowman, Dr JeffScientistFood & Bio-based ProductsLincoln
Ranford, SteveSenior Scientist Food & Bio-based ProductsLincoln
Rapp, Dr DelphineScientistFood & Bio-based ProductsRuakura
Reis, Dr Marlon Martins dosSenior ScientistFood & Bio-based ProductsRuakura
Ross, ColleenResearch AssociateFood & Bio-based ProductsRuakura
Roy, Dr NicoleScience Team Leader and Principal ScientistFood & Bio-based ProductsGrasslands
Russ, AnnaTechnicianFood & Bio-based ProductsGrasslands
Ryan, LeighSenior Research TechnicianFood & Bio-based ProductsGrasslands
Schwendel, HeikePhD StudentFood & Bio-based ProductsGrasslands
Stuart, AdamSenior Technician/Research AssociateFood & Bio-based ProductsRuakura
Sunderland, MatthewSenior ScientistFood & Bio-based ProductsLincoln
Tandon, Dr SurinderSenior ScientistFood & Bio-based ProductsLincoln
Taukiri, KevinSenior TechnicianFood & Bio-based ProductsRuakura
Thomas, AncyResearch AssociateFood & Bio-based ProductsLincoln
Thum, CarolinePhD studentFood & Bio-based ProductsGrasslands
Treloar, Bryan5RA Research AssociateFood & Bio-based ProductsGrasslands
Vernon, JamesResearch AssociateFood & Bio-based ProductsLincoln
Wieliczko, RobertResearch AssociateFood & Bio-based ProductsRuakura
Wu, GuojieFood BiochemistFood & Bio-based ProductsRuakura
Young, WayneScientistFood & Bio-based ProductsGrasslands
Zaitseva, LarissaResearch AssociateFood & Bio-based Products
collapse Group/Portfolio : Forage Improvement ‎(18)
Baird, IvanResearch AssociateForage ImprovementLincoln
Barrett, BrentTeam Leader, Forage BreedingForage ImprovementGrasslands
Bryan, Dr GregTeam LeaderForage ImprovementGrasslands
Card, Dr StuartScientist Forage ImprovementGrasslands
Conner, Dr TonyScience Group LeaderForage ImprovementLincoln
Faville, Dr MartySenior ScientistForage ImprovementGrasslands
Hume-Dr DavidScientist Forage ImprovementGrasslands
Jahufer, ZulfiSenior Research ScientistForage ImprovementGrasslands
Johnson, Dr RichardScientistForage ImprovementGrasslands
Jones, Dr ChrisTeam LeaderForage ImprovementGrasslands
Pennell, ChrisSenior ScientistForage ImprovementLincoln
Rolston, Dr PhilSenior ScientistForage ImprovementLincoln
Simpson, WayneTechnician Forage ImprovementGrasslands
Trethewey, Dr JasonScientistForage ImprovementLincoln
Veit, Dr BruceScientistForage ImprovementGrasslands
White, Prof DerekPrincipal ScientistForage ImprovementGrasslands
Widdup, KeithSenior ScientistForage ImprovementLincoln
Williams, Prof WarrenMargot Forde Forage Germplasm Centre CuratorForage ImprovementGrasslands
collapse Group/Portfolio : Innovative Farm Systems ‎(30)
Aalders, LeeResearch AssociateInnovative Farm SystemsRuakura
Adam, KatharinePhD studentInnovative Farm SystemsRuakura
Asher, Dr GeoffSenior ScientistInnovative Farm SystemsInvermay
Barratt, Dr BarbaraPrincipal ScientistInnovative Farm SystemsInvermay
Bell, Dr NigelTeam Leader/ScientistInnovative Farm SystemsRuakura
Brown, Dr MargaretSenior Scientist Innovative Farm SystemsRuakura
Francis, Dr GlynScience Group LeaderInnovative Farm SystemsLincoln
Gerard, Dr PipSenior ScientistInnovative Farm SystemsRuakura
Hardwick, Dr ScottScientistInnovative Farm SystemsLincoln
Hurst, Dr MarkScientistInnovative Farm SystemsLincoln
Iline, Dr IliaScientistInnovative Farm SystemsLincoln
Jensen, JoanneTechnicianInnovative Farm SystemsRuakura
Jones, SandraResearch AssociateInnovative Farm SystemsLincoln
Kean, Dr JohnSenior ScientistInnovative Farm SystemsLincoln
Marshall, Dr SeanScientistInnovative Farm SystemsLincoln
McNeill, MarkResearch AssociateInnovative Farm SystemsLincoln
Monk, Dr JanaScientistInnovative Farm SystemsLincoln
O'Callaghan, Dr MaureenSenior ScientistInnovative Farm SystemsLincoln
Phillips, Dr CraigSenior ScientistInnovative Farm SystemsLincoln
Rendel, Dr JohnSenior ScientistInnovative Farm SystemsInvermay
Richards, NickyResearch AssociateInnovative Farm SystemsLincoln
Scott, IanResearch AssociateInnovative Farm SystemsInvermay
Stevens, Dr DavidSenior ScientistInnovative Farm SystemsInvermay
Thompson, BryanResearch AssociateInnovative Farm SystemsInvermay
Tourna, Dr MariaScientistInnovative Farm SystemsRuakura
Tozer, Dr KatherineScientistInnovative Farm SystemsRuakura
Wakelin, Dr SteveSenior ScientistInnovative Farm SystemsLincoln
Ward, JamieResearch AssociateInnovative Farm SystemsInvermay
Webster, Dr JimTeam LeaderInnovative Farm SystemsRuakura
Wilson, Dr MichaelSenior ScientistInnovative Farm SystemsRuakura
collapse Group/Portfolio : Land & Environment ‎(31)
Bewsell, DeniseScientistLand & EnvironmentLincoln
Blackett, Dr PaulaPolicy ResearcherLand & EnvironmentRuakura
Botha, Dr NeelsSenior ScientistLand & EnvironmentRuakura
Bowatte, Dr SamanScientistLand & EnvironmentGrasslands
Cichota, RogerioScientistLand & EnvironmentGrasslands
de Klein, CecileScience Impact Leader/Principal ScientistLand & EnvironmentInvermay
de Vos, Dr BramScience Group LeaderLand & EnvironmentRuakura
Dodd, Dr MikeTeam LeaderLand & EnvironmentGrasslands
Freeman, Dr MikeScience Impact Leader - Soil & WaterLand & EnvironmentLincoln
Ghani, Dr AnwarSenior ScientistLand & EnvironmentRuakura
Hoogendoorn, CobyScientistLand & EnvironmentGrasslands
Houlbrooke, Dr DavidTeam Leader/Senior ScientistLand & EnvironmentRuakura
Kelliher, Dr FrankPrincipal ScientistLand & EnvironmentLincoln
Ledgard, Dr StewartPrincipal ScientistLand & EnvironmentRuakura
Lieffering, Dr MarkScientistLand & EnvironmentGrasslands
Luo, Dr JiafaSenior ScientistLand & EnvironmentRuakura
Mackay, Dr AlecPrincipal ScientistLand & EnvironmentGrasslands
McDowell, Prof RichardSenior ScientistLand & EnvironmentInvermay
Monaghan, Dr RossSenior ScientistLand & EnvironmentInvermay
Muirhead, Dr RichardTeam Leader/Senior ScientistLand & EnvironmentInvermay
Newton, Dr PaulPrincipal ScientistLand & EnvironmentGrasslands
Payne, TracyResearcherLand & EnvironmentRuakura
Schon, Dr NicolePost Doctoral ResearcherLand & EnvironmentLincoln
Shepherd, Dr MarkSenior ScientistLand & EnvironmentRuakura
Small, BruceSenior ScientistLand & EnvironmentRuakura
Smith, ChrisSenior Research AssociateLand & EnvironmentWoodlands
Snow, ValSystems Modelling Scientist Land & EnvironmentLincoln
van der Weerden, Dr TonySenior ScientistLand & EnvironmentInvermay
Vogeler-Cronin, IrisSystems ModellerLand & EnvironmentGrasslands
Walcroft, JillResearch AssociateLand & EnvironmentGrasslands
White, ToniResearch AssociateLand & EnvironmentRuakura
collapse Group/Portfolio : Maori Agribusiness ‎(1)
Kingi, Dr TaniraPortfolio LeaderMaori AgribusinessGrasslands
collapse Group/Portfolio : Meat & Fibre On-farm ‎(1)
Daniels, NickPortfolio LeaderMeat & Fibre On-farmLincoln
collapse Group/Portfolio : Shared Services ‎(5)
Brauning, Dr RudigerComputational BiologistShared ServicesInvermay
Dodds, Dr KenSenior ScientistShared ServicesInvermay
Gebbie, SteveEngineering ManagerShared ServicesLincoln
Maqbool, Dr NaumanBioinformatics ConsultantShared ServicesRuakura
van Koten, Dr ChikakoResearch StatisticianShared ServicesLincoln