AgResearch Core Funding

Core Funding is a quantum of money that is devolved by government to AgResearch, as recommended by the 2010 CRI Taskforce, to support its activities towards achieving its Core Purpose in accordance with its Statement of Corporate Intent.

Activities supported by Core Funding can include:

  • Undertaking basic and applied research and experimental
    development of importance to New Zealand
  • Transferring knowledge and technologies to end-users
    and stakeholders
  • Providing policy advice to Government
  • Maintaining Nationally Important Assets
  • Responding to emergencies and changing national
  • Building stronger national and international collaborations.

How AgResearch intends to invest its Core Funding is negotiated with the Shareholding Ministers through AgResearch’s Statement of Corporate Intent. This document is tabled with Parliament annually in July and is made public after it is accepted by Government.

Supporting transformational science with Core Funding
A recent AgResearch Board initiative has earmarked an annual Core Funding investment of up to $1 million each to research in areas that have been identified as the ones capable of delivering a step change to New Zealand’s agricultural industry.

Food Provenance and Assurance
This area covers research from “fork-back-to-farm” to ensure that New Zealand’s exports are safe, of high quality, have defendable provenance and are produced in ways that are acceptable to consumers. This includes areas such as food safety, animal welfare and opportunities to create value through assurance (the New Zealand “brand”).

High Value Foods
This will be a core element of the High Value Nutrition National Science Challenge to which AgResearch is contributing. AgResearch uniquely combines an understanding of production, processing and health and we span both dairy and meat.

Future Farm Systems
AgResearch has an overarching strategic view in this crucial area and it has broad importance, spanning on-farm productivity, profitability, sustainability, technology and practice change adoption.

Core Funding chart