NaturOTM analgesia system

For deer-friendly velvet removal.

NaturO™ is a simple system for providing analgesia for velvet removal of yearling stags.

Analgesia must be achieved before velvet is removed and the removal must be performed by a registered vet or NVSB-approved person.

NaturO rings are the only ring for spiker velvet removal that has been approved by the National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (NAWAC) under the provisions of the Guidelines for the Use of Rubber Rings to induce Analgesia for the Removal of Spiker Velvet. Under the guidelines, it is prohibited to use elastrator rings or similar for velvet removal.

NaturO rings are suitable for unbranched antlers when applied with a NaturO applicator, or for branched antlers using NaturO cable ties.

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CARLA Saliva Test

The CARLA Saliva Test has been developed by AgResearch scientists as a powerful new tool for selecting sheep with greater immunity to internal parasites.

The test provides an accurate and simple way to select animals which suffer less from the effects of parasitic worms, and which pass fewer worm eggs onto pasture.The test measures antibodies against worm larvae in sheep saliva: animals with high levels of antibodies are better at preventing worms establishing in the gut. This means the animals can put more of their energy into growth – without any increase in dags.

The CARLA Saliva test was developed by AgResearch Animal Health, with funding from Ovita, a joint venture between AgResearch Ltd. and Beef + Lamb New Zealand.

Information is now being collected on parasite resistance in cattle, with the hope that the use of CARLA Saliva Test could be extended.

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Breeding sheep resistant to internal parasites

One method for preventing resistance to anthelmintic drugs is to breed sheep resistant to the internal parasites themselves. Based on research work undertaken by AgResearch over the past two decades, sheep breeders can now include this trait in their selection criteria.

WormFECTM provides sheep breeders with the tools and advice required so they can select sheep resistant to internal parasites in their own breeding flocks. The service is provided in association with Sheep Improvement Limited (SIL).

Commercial farmers wishing to obtain rams showing enhanced resistance to internal parasites can ask for WormFEC tested rams from their breeders.