Āta mātai, mātai whetū.

AgResearch’s new strapline was developed by a working group who engaged with Tainui kaumatua, Waikato University senior lecturer and well-respected reo Maori expert Tom Roa. Over a series of workshops the essence of AgResearch was defined, including an essential message for Māori.

This essence was summarised as:

Being in pursuit of far horizons, while firmly grounded. Innovative, inspirational, respectful, healthy of body, inspired of spirit in the spreading of knowledge in the fields of proper foods, sustainable land practices, of healthy lifestyles for this world today, to tomorrow’s world and for worlds to come.”

From this the new AgResearch strapline Āta mātai, mātai whetū was developed, and approved by the AgResearch Board in August 2015.

The word Mātai means a reciprocity of gaze and also implies acceptance, understanding, appreciation and intimacy.

Āta mātai, mātai whetū can be translated as being grounded, researching deliberately while shooting for the stars.