AgResearch is one of seven Crown Research Institutes (CRIs) that carry out scientific research for the benefit of New Zealand.

AgResearch’s core purpose is to enhance the value, productivity and profitability of New Zealand’s pastoral, agri-food and agri-technology sector value chains, to contribute to economic growth and beneficial environmental and social outcomes for New Zealand.

Our Science

Animal Science

  • The Animal Science group encompasses a wide range of disciplines, with the purpose of improving the nutrition, health, quality traits and reproductive performance of animals to achieve efficient and sustainable animal production and delivery of high quality animal products.

Food and Bio-based Products

  • The role of the Foods & Bio-based Products group is to create the knowledge and tools to develop high value foods, ingredients and products from pastoral-based agriculture.

Forage Science

  • The Forage Science group develops new tools and technologies to improve on-farm productivity, enhance the performance of New Zealand’s pastoral, agricultural and biotechnology industries and build on New Zealand’s position at the forefront of these sectors. The supporting research we carry out will lead to new commercial and knowledge opportunities in the future.

Farm Systems and Environment

  • The Farm Systems & Environment Group is concerned with improving production systems through innovative research to create more profitable and sustainable farms and agribusiness. Collectively, this research provides the capacity to understand complex interconnected agricultural issues of interest to both the industry and the public.

Knowledge and Analytics

  • The Knowledge and Analytics group works very closely with researchers in meeting their knowledge and information resources needs.