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3GX non multi-variate calibration

3GX uses x-ray absorption and spectral analysis to detect and identify specific materials contained or concealed within a background of other, similar materials


DXA analysis distinguishes materials based on density (atomic weights) and, at higher atomic numbers, electron shells. Therefore materials with similar atomic weights are not readily discriminated and image processing is required to discriminate materials based on shape.


Using a non-multivariate analysis method and multiple energy levels, materials of similar chemical composition and/or molecular weights are able to be discriminated spectrally, even against complex and confounding backgrounds. Dosage rates are significantly less than CT scans.

Uses of the Invention

The technique has been demonstrated in security baggage checking applications. Applications could include: early cancer detection and diagnosis; tissue discrimination; metallurgical and ore analysis (on the conveyor) and real-time analysis of oil and other complex fluids (inside the pipeline).



  • R. Burling-Claridge
  • P. Petch
  • M. Upsdell
  • S. Zavtrak


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Investment Manager
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