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Rapid method for measuring complex carbohydrates in mammalian tissue

A rapid method for measuring complex carbohydrates, particularly glycogen, in mammalian tissue, and more particularly in non-living mammalian tissue.


The measurement of glycogen in mammalian tissue is relevant for such things as, for example, the ability to use the results of the measurement as a determination of the ultimate pH of meat. This is also a direct measure of many of the qualities of meat. Traditional methods are slow to process results, can be hazardous, inaccurate, inconsistent, time-consuming and some also use aggressive chemical reagents.


A rapid method of measuring the complex carbohydrates in mammalian tissue, comprising the steps of:

  1. Extracting a sample of tissue to be tested;
  2. Forming a homogenous slurry of the sample with an aqueous solution;
  3. Adding sufficient hydrolysing enzyme for ensuring complete hydrolysis of glycogen in the slurry; and
  4. Measuring the concentration of glucose in the slurry.


  • J. West
  • A. Hart
  • O. Young


Neil Tunnell
Investment Manager
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