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Hydatids vaccine

Provides a specific antigen for use in a vaccine which is protective against E. Granulosus infection, and methods of protecting hosts susceptible to Echinococcus and Taenii parasite infection.


Hydatid disease is caused by infection with the larval (metacestode stage) of tapeworms belonging to the genus Echinococcus. Transmission occurs between the domestic dog and domestic herbivores such as sheep and cattle, with humans also being intermediate hosts. As a consequence, E. granulosus is geographically widespread.


A vaccine approach to eradication of the disease hydatids by the provision of an antigen which is host-protective against E. granulosus infection irrespective of whether it is the worm or cystic stage of the infection.



  • D. Heath
  • B. Lawrence
  • M. Ralston
  • D. Maass
  • M. Lightowlers


Neil Tunnell
Investment Manager
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