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Machine(s) for cleaning and treating small lots of animal and other fibres. Designed to provide consistent, traceable and controlled processing of small and separate lots.


Wool and animal fibre cleaning tends to takes place in large commercial volumes. Typically, craft/niche operators process small and individual lots via ad hoc and labour intensive methods. The devices invented by AgResearch meet demand from the emerging number of niche and specialist fibre producers and small companies seeking to participate along the value chain.


Small scale machine for batch processing of animal and other fibres. Scalability and further processing available in modular scour, high pressure squeeze, drying and chemical treatment (e.g. dyeing) units.

Uses of the Invention

Individual growers, collection of growers who produce small volume of specialist/niche fibres. Emerging niche market companies and community organisations seeking to develop niche/specialist and traceable products and harness increased value from their clip via moving along the value chain.



  • S. Mason
  • M. Taylor
  • R. Macdonald

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Investment Manager
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