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A novel drug dosing regimen

The invention has proven a means of implementing an immunisation regimen, that would normally occur from the delivery of several doses of a drug over a period of weeks, months or years, in a single administration of the drug. 


Current immunisation/vaccination regimens usually entail an initial immunisation followed by one or more booster immunisations at defined intervals (e.g. immunisation at 0, 4 and 26 or 52 weeks).


This invention provides a process for administering progressively increasing doses, of one or more biologically active agents, to an animal. The active agents are released over a predetermined period of time from just one administration on a single occasion, removing the requirement of repeat dosing resulting in benefits of time and cost savings from not having to yard animals several times over to re-dose.

Uses of the Invention

May also be used for delivery of other active agents such as hormones, neutraceuticals, vitamins and trace-elements.



  • D. Heath


Neil Tunnell
Investment Manager
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