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Controlled release vitamin B12 compositions and methods of using them

A controlled release composition comprising vitamin B12 where the amount and release rate of the B12 are sufficient to provide the animal with its daily vitamin B12 requirements.


Cobalt supplementation is required by livestock as it is needed for the synthesis of vitamin B12. Cobalt deficiently is a major problem in livestock worldwide. Increasing cobalt intake can be achieved by an annual application of CoSO4 in grazing animals where fertilisers are applied regularly. Direct treatment is more difficult and labour intensive as weekly and fortnightly doses are required. Subcutaneous injections of soluble vitamin B12 preparations are only effective for up to 4 to 6 weeks.


A controlled release composition for the manufacture of a medicament for increasing vitamin B12 blood serum levels and liver vitamin B12 concentrations in an animal or human for the prevention or treatment of cobalt deficiency.

Uses of the Invention

“SMARTShot® B12” is registered and successfully marketed as a livestock animal health treatment in New Zealand and Australia and, as a result, AgResearch has extensive animal data documenting safety and efficacy.

AgResearch and a pharma partner could take the next step and progress this innovation to human applications in the medical and nutritional markets.



  • D. Lewis
  • K Burke
  • N. Grace


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Investment Manager
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