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Farm software


Farmax is a business totally focussed on putting farmers in control of their business. We recognise that successful farming involves confident decision making. Our products embody 20 years of developing decision support systems and farm software for agriculture.  This legacy has resulted in a commercially robust system providing farmers clarity in planning the most profitable way forward.

Farmax is a joint venture between AgResearch and industry consultants.

For more information, visit the Farmax website.


OVERSEER is an agricultural management tool that assists in examining nutrient use and movements within a farm to optimise production and environmental outcomes.

OVERSEER calculates and estimates the nutrient flows in a productive farming system and identifies potential for risk of environmental impacts through calculation of nutrient loss as run-off and leaching and greenhouse gas emissions.

Its current uses are in the development of on-farm nutrient budgets, whole-of-farm nutrient management plans and, through the use of additional proprietary software, the development of farm specific fertiliser recommendations. Because it calculates potential greenhouse gas emissions, it has a potential role to play in any future emissions trading scheme.

OVERSEER is a valuable tool for a range of users, most particularly farmers and their advisers, and policy makers.

For more information, visit the OVERSEER website.


Resolution is an easy to use mapping and planning tool which will give you the accurate view of your farm you have always wanted.

Resolution lets you draw a map of your farm, horticulture or cropping blocks. You can base your drawing on an orthocorrected aerial photograph (so that areas are correct) and load additional layers such as contours, roads, and waterways.

Once you have your base map, you can start planning -- work out the amount of fertiliser, spray, or seed needed for a specific area, and plan when you'll undertake different activities. Print plans for your contractors, fertiliser spreaders, staff, or consultants.

You can also record actual applications of fertiliser and soil test results, and monitor changes to the fertility of your farm.

Sales of Resolution are currently suspended but support is available for existing customers

For more information, visit the Resolution website.



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