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VerifiTT is a security technology developed specifically to protect against counterfeiting and related fraudulent use of global fashion brands in textiles, garments, bags and footwear. The technology is designed to be used covertly and includes various optional layers that further enhance the high level of protection provided.

VerifiTT is also used to prove chain of custody in relation to the supply of fashion commodities such as merino wool. VerifiTT is sold in a limited number of unique codes that are only available to leading fashion brands. VerifiTT is promoted as a high level security system and as such all sensitive detail underpinning the technology is closely guarded and all dealings with existing and prospective customers are held in strict confidence.

For more information, see the VerifiTT website.


 Key information

  • Brand reputation and trust protected by covert system invisible to the naked eye.
  • Protection for the entire value chain from manufacture to consumer.
  • Deployed by leading fashion houses to enhance brand security throughout the value chain.


VTT Marketing Limited
Level 11, BDO Tower
120 Albert Street
Auckland, New Zealand