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The AgResearch Bioinformatics team provides consultancy, support and advice on high throughput data analyses in the areas of genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics, along with support on Bioinformatics pipeline design and implementation.

General services include:

  • Transcriptomics: experimental design and data analysis (traditional microarray and Next-Gen technology
  • Next Generation de novo and re-sequencing: experimental design and data analysis
  • De novo genome assembly
  • Automated genome annotation
  • Genome and general data visualisation
  • Epigenomics Bioinformatics support
  • Comparative genomics
  • Phylogenetics
  • Nucleic acid structure prediction
  • Integration of *omics and biological (phenotypic) data
  • Proteomics support
  • Programming and scripting
  • Training and education

Specific examples:

  • In silico simulations for experimental design (e.g. genome sequencing strategy, reduced representation approaches)
  • DNA, RNA and protein sequence analysis
  • Sequence assembly and annotation (all platforms from Sanger to SOLiD)
  • Functional protein classification
  • DNA and RNA secondary structure prediction
  • Phylogenetics (includes multiple alignments, different approaches such as ML, Bayesian)
  • Comparative microbial genomics
  • Bioinformatics pipeline design
  • Design of genome browsers and other interactive and non-interactive visualisation tools
  • De novo gene and motif prediction (e.g. identification of genes, transcription factors, regulatory elements)
  • In silico SNP (and other genetic marker) prediction
  • Systems biology, data integration, pathway classification
  • Probe design
  • Bioinformatics database design
  • Programming and shell scripting
  • Training courses in bioinformatics (including bioinformatics scripting)



Dr Nauman Maqbool
Bioinformatics Team Leader
Email Nauman