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INNERVISIONTM offers commercial CT scanning services for breeding stock evaluation, research programmes and veterinary diagnostic purposes.

INNERVISIONTM operates a CT (computed tomography) scanner for use specifically on animals and for other ‘non-human’ applications. CT scanners use X-rays to produce cross-sectional images through a body, and to accurately measure the weights, volumes and densities of muscle, fat and bone without having to slaughter the animal and dissect the carcass.

INNERVISIONTM specialises in:

  • Evaluations of high value breeding animals for meat production, where stud rams and stags are evaluated for the weight of meat and fat in various regions of the carcass. Our INNERVALUETM service measures the weights of muscle and fat in the hindleg, loin and shoulder primal cuts which are closely related to new carcass grading systems. When used in combination with ultrasound scanning, CT scanning can almost double the rate of genetic progress compared to using ultrasound alone.
  • Body composition measurement for research programmes, taking CT images throughout the body allows the actual weight of meat and fat, or the size of individual muscles or organs, to be measured in a live animal.  These measurements are as accurate as slaughtering the animal and dissecting the carcass into muscle and fat, and the animal is still alive after scanning.
  • Veterinary diagnostic scanning. Small animals (cats and dogs) can be CT scanned to give a better diagnosis of a range of conditions. This type of work is done in co-operation with veterinarians.
  • Other areas where CT scanning can detect anomalies and morphology include industrial non-destructive testing, soil and sand samples, and timber samples.

INNERVISIONTM has a highly skilled team, who are experienced in animal handling, image collection and image analysis. We work in partnership with Sheep Improvement Limited to deliver breeding values for the CT measurements we collect.

INNERVISIONTM is a joint venture between AgResearch and Landcorp Farming Ltd, and is located at AgResearch’s Invermay Campus near Mosgiel.


 Key information

  • Breeding evaluations
  • Body composition measurement
  • Veterinary diagnostic scanning

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Wendy Bain
INNERVISIONTM Operations Manager
Direct dial: +64 3 489 9056
Email Wendy