The Animal Science group encompasses a wide range of disciplines, with the purpose of improving the nutrition, health, quality traits and reproductive performance of animals to achieve efficient and sustainable animal production and delivery of high quality animal products.

We use a broad range of nutrition, physiology and genomics-based research tools to improve economically important traits such as survival, growth rate, health, fecundity, meat and milk production (yield and quality) and disease resistance while minimising environmental impact and use of chemicals in ruminant livestock production.

Our teams have recognised expertise in the parasitic and infectious diseases of pastoral livestock, animal genomics, ruminant nutrition and animal physiology including reproduction and microbiology behind healthy, productive and efficient ruminant livestock.

Our research covers the spectrum of fundamental to applied science that focuses on high quality science-driven research.  We have access to fully-equipped dairy, sheep and beef farms with modern facilities for on-farm animal trials, and fully equipped animal facilities for more detailed trials for small and large ruminants including the NZ Ruminant Methane Measurement Centre.  Our laboratory facilities are well appointed to support the range of research undertaken.

DNA testing analyses are provided through GenomNZ™ which includes DNA profiling, parentage testing, pedigree verification, sire/dam match, DNA-match, identity test, hybrid identification and single gene tests.  We also retain core service in embryology and semen biology and provide advice to artificial breeding organisations and embryo technology practitioners. We also undertake independent product testing services for commercial clients.

Teams within this group