Low Cost Easy Care sheep released from research flocks

The final act of two AgResearch sheep breeding projects selecting low-maintenance sheep took place at the Tinwald General Saleyards on Wednesday 12 March 2014. ​The research projects led by AgResearch scientist Dr David Scobie into easy-care and shedding sheep had finished.  As the two flocks, totaling approximately 300 sheep, were surplus to requirements on the […]

Easy, low-cost solutions make a difference

An AgResearch study in South Otago has indicated that simple and low cost management techniques can significantly reduce overland flow and contaminant losses from grazed winter forage crop paddocks. With the growth of dairy farming in Otago and Southland, there has been a corresponding increase in environmental concerns, particularly regarding losses of nutrients, faecal microbes […]

DairyNZ FVI building to a world-class resource for farmers

DairyNZ in conjunction with the New Zealand Plant Breeding and Research Association have developed an online forage evaluation system to provide an estimated profit index, called the DairyNZ Forage Value Index (DairyNZ FVI). Launched in 2012 the DairyNZ FVI provides a source of independent, economically-based information on ryegrass cultivar performance in New Zealand dairy systems for farmers […]

GenomNZ™ genetic testing laboratory yields more valuable information

At Genomnz, AgResearch’s commercial genotyping laboratory, more things become possible with a piece of DNA. And with the technology developing rapidly, more economically valuable information is being gathered from DNA than ever before. Genomnz Manager, Ed Styles says an area where the benefits of DNA testing are being seen is in the productivity of sheep, […]

Policy informed by AgResearch report

AgResearch work is informing government policy in the development of a national greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction target. Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) are using an AgResearch 2011/12 GHG mitigation report to help them prepare a paper on potential abatement options. This paper will help inform New Zealand’s post -2020 intended nationally determined emissions contribution […]

It’s back to the future for white clover

The white clover that has helped the New Zealand pastoral sector thrive has had its interesting history unearthed by AgResearch scientists. Recent research shows that the popular legume, Trifolium repens, most likely came about through the meeting of two plants from very different environments. This knowledge enables researchers to look for closely related plants they […]