The Global Rumen Census – a truly international effort

Research led by scientists at AgResearch shows global solutions to reduce methane emissions from ruminant animals are feasible, because the microbes causing the emissions are similar around the world. The “Global Rumen Census” project analysed the microbes responsible for methane emissions from a wide range of ruminant animals around the world. Collaborating with 140 researchers […]

Novel new research into animal parasites

A new AgResearch science project, believed to be the first of its kind in the world, will investigate the potential of tricking animal parasite larvae to shed their protective shell (a process called ‘exsheathing’) on pasture so they die rather than being ingested by animals. This work is possible with the announcement of two year, […]

Project aims to boost economic success through closer look at innovation system

The Primary Innovation project, a collaboration across the primary sector, has been launched as a new Government-backed initiative looking at the best way to convert ideas from scientific research into innovations that will improve New Zealand’s economy. The project, led by AgResearch scientist James Turner, is funded by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment […]