Novel microbial seed treatments protect wheat seedlings from insect damage

AgResearch scientists involved in the Next Generation Biopesticides Programme are following promising leads to identify effective environmentally benign microbial seed treatments for use by arable farmers. These treatments are based on soil bacteria that have been isolated from New Zealand pastures and shown to kill grass grub. The grubs are significant pests in autumn sown […]

Finding the best ways to deliver biological benefits to crops

Farmers and growers are set to benefit from new work by AgResearch scientists on evaluating formulations for delivering beneficial microbes to agricultural and horticultural crops. Beneficial microbes are now commonly used by growers to improve plant growth and survival, or to control diseases and pests. They provide a natural, biological alternative to fertilisers and pesticides. […]

Trials of natural insecticide to fight black beetle underway

Large-scale field trials of a prototype product containing a natural insecticide to fight black beetle are underway following several years of research by AgResearch. Research into the prototype product, that is infused with the naturally occurring bacterium Yersinia entomophaga (Ye), moved into large-scale field testing which includes investigating the optimum application rate on several sites […]