A new tool in the fight against Calis

A new tool will provide farmers and land managers more robust information on which to base more effective management of Californian thistle (Cirsium arvense). For the first time, scientists at AgResearch have developed a model that simulates population growth of the thistle. It has just been published in the online publication, Ecology and Evolution. Californian […]

Biocontrol beetle on show

Farmers will be able to observe first-hand the impressive impact of a biocontrol agent that acts against one of the country’s worst agricultural weeds at an upcoming field day hosted by AgResearch and Beef + Lamb NZ. The green thistle beetle (Cassida rubiginosa) was released in 2007 to help fight Californian thistle, a plant recently […]

Economic cost of Californian thistle and other pasture weeds much larger than previously estimated

New research shows the true cost of California thistle to be close to $700 million in lost pastoral farm revenue each year and also suggests that previous estimates of the cost of other agricultural weeds has been significantly underestimated. The figure is the work of scientists in the Farm Systems team at AgResearch and is […]