Cost effective genomic data supports new and nimble industry

Timely genomic data provided by AgResearch to dairy sheep farmers is having significant benefit, particularly in this emerging industry with a small number of suppliers. In 2014/15 AgResearch invested Core Funding into looking at the ‘wider picture’ of the emerging dairy sheep industry from a genomics perspective. “AgResearch had played a part since the beginning […]

Open Source win for AgResearch scientist

AgResearch senior research scientist Rob Elshire has won the People’s Choice award at the New Zealand Open Source awards for his contributions to science and agriculture through genotyping by sequencing (GBS). His work aims to advance the contribution of genetic research to the New Zealand economy, and he has been conducting workshops to teach scientists […]

Margot Forde Germplasm Centre

The Margot Forde Germplasm Centre is New Zealand’s national gene bank of grassland plants and hosts the New Zealand Endangered Species Seedbank. Plant germplasm consists of seeds of genetically diverse plant populations that are conserved for use in plant breeding and to ensure the survival of groups of plants. The role of the centre is […]

Low Cost Easy Care sheep released from research flocks

The final act of two AgResearch sheep breeding projects selecting low-maintenance sheep took place at the Tinwald General Saleyards on Wednesday 12 March 2014. ​The research projects led by AgResearch scientist Dr David Scobie into easy-care and shedding sheep had finished.  As the two flocks, totaling approximately 300 sheep, were surplus to requirements on the […]

GenomNZ™ genetic testing laboratory yields more valuable information

At Genomnz, AgResearch’s commercial genotyping laboratory, more things become possible with a piece of DNA. And with the technology developing rapidly, more economically valuable information is being gathered from DNA than ever before. Genomnz Manager, Ed Styles says an area where the benefits of DNA testing are being seen is in the productivity of sheep, […]

Science discovery already returning millions to New Zealand sheep farming

An enormous international effort to map the sheep genome, which has been published today [6 June 2014], has already had very valuable spin-offs for New Zealand agriculture. ​The paper, which has been published in the prestigious journal Science, represents eight years’ work by researchers in eight countries, 26 institutions with 73 authors. AgResearch Principal Scientist […]