Better Breeding Strategies for Grass

New Zealand forage plant breeding has received a boost from Forage Improvement Senior Scientist Dr Zulfi Jahufer’s recent sabbatical with Dr Mike Casler of the USDA Agricultural Research Service, located at the U.S. Dairy Forage Research Centre in Madison, Wisconsin. Dr Casler is one of the world’s foremost theoretical and applied perennial grass breeders, with […]

AgResearch-led project focuses on potential of rumen microbiome

AgResearch work has been recognised for leading the way in rumen microbial genomics at the 2015 Congress on Gastrointestinal Function held during April in Chicago, USA. The study of rumen microbes remains a major research area that is central to the health and productivity of ruminant livestock. AgResearch’s Rumen Microbiology team organised a Hungate1000 genomics […]

Open Source win for AgResearch scientist

AgResearch senior research scientist Rob Elshire has won the People’s Choice award at the New Zealand Open Source awards for his contributions to science and agriculture through genotyping by sequencing (GBS). His work aims to advance the contribution of genetic research to the New Zealand economy, and he has been conducting workshops to teach scientists […]

GenomNZ™ genetic testing laboratory yields more valuable information

At Genomnz, AgResearch’s commercial genotyping laboratory, more things become possible with a piece of DNA. And with the technology developing rapidly, more economically valuable information is being gathered from DNA than ever before. Genomnz Manager, Ed Styles says an area where the benefits of DNA testing are being seen is in the productivity of sheep, […]

Major methanogen milestone

AgResearch scientists and US researchers are one step closer in their work to reduce methane emissions from sheep. They have identified microbial differences in the rumens of sheep with high or low methane emissions. The work is part of a Global Partnerships in Livestock Emissions Research project and has been carried out by the Rumen […]

Science discovery already returning millions to New Zealand sheep farming

An enormous international effort to map the sheep genome, which has been published today [6 June 2014], has already had very valuable spin-offs for New Zealand agriculture. ​The paper, which has been published in the prestigious journal Science, represents eight years’ work by researchers in eight countries, 26 institutions with 73 authors. AgResearch Principal Scientist […]


Genomnz is New Zealand’s foremost animal DNA testing laboratory. It is the commercial arm of the Animal Genomics Group of AgResearch Limited, and is based at the Invermay Campus near Dunedin. AgResearch is New Zealand’s largest Crown Research Institute (CRI) with acknowledged expertise in biological science. The Animal Genomics Group utilises its core capabilities in […]

New Zealand genetics expertise harnessed for Icelandic salmon health

One of the world’s leading salmon egg producers is working with AgResearch to develop genomic selection in Atlantic salmon. Icelandic company Stofnfiskur HF and AgResearch, New Zealand’s pastoral crown research institute, are working together to help increase the efficiency of the company’s salmon breeding systems, using modern genomic tools pioneered in sheep. ​Stofnfiskur’s high health […]