Study of mutant sheep provides exciting new opportunities

Research into “mutant” sheep has AgResearch scientists eyeing up a greater understanding of what makes human hair curly or straight, and the potential for innovative new wool products. Commonly known as Felting Lustre mutants, these sheep are rare and share the trait of naturally occurring straight wool, instead of the usual crimped wool.  “With these […]

AgResearch-led project receives $3.6 million for research into gut health

The Asian middle-classes are the target for an AgResearch-led project into gut health which has just been allocated $3.6 million by the High-Value Nutrition National Science Challenge. Principal Investigator Associate Professor Nicole Roy says she and other AgResearch colleagues will be working with the University of Otago, the Malaghan Institute of Medical Research and Plant […]

AgResearch success in MBIE funding round

Scientists at AgResearch have secured $10.95 million for six new research projects over the next three years that will benefit farmers, exporters and the wider community. The funding came from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s (MBIE) 2015 science investment round announced by Science and Innovation Minister Steven Joyce last week. AgResearch Chief Executive […]

International interest in NZ TB test

A new test for bovine TB developed by AgResearch is attracting international attention. Principal Scientist Professor Bryce Buddle says it is early days yet, but they have encouraging preliminary results from a trial which shows the potential for a more accurate and cost-effective diagnostic test in the battle against bovine TB. “The current test used […]

Water quality and public health

Swimming, fishing, boating and generally playing around in water is an important part of New Zealand culture. Yet these activities, along with drinking water supplies and shellfish gathering, could be risky if the water contains the pathogenic organisms that can make us sick. Some of those microorganisms (called zoonoses) are spread into the environment from […]

New research shows oral cattle drench most effective

A new study by AgResearch scientists shows oral cattle drenches are far more effective than the equivalent pour-on or injectable products. In a study soon to be published in the international science journal Veterinary Parasitology, AgResearch scientists Chris Miller and Dave Leathwick measured how effective the same drench active (moxidectin) was when given orally, as […]