Meat quality measurement will give consumers more reason to buy New Zealand products

AgResearch has been awarded $4.25m in funding to develop sensors which will accurately measure the quality of export beef, lamb and venison in order to enhance consumer confidence in New Zealand’s meat. The funding comes from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Enterprise’s Endeavour Round, announced last week. AgResearch senior scientist Dr Cameron Craigie says […]

Manual guards NZ market access

Continued access of New Zealand’s food industries to economically important export markets depends on our ability to meet the regulatory and market access requirements of that country. The ‘Meat Industry Microbiological Methods’ manual, managed by AgResearch, is designed for use by laboratories typically found in, or used by, the New Zealand meat industry. In the […]

Meat Industry Workshop – 15th March 2016

AgResearch is charged with engaging with the pastoral, agri-food and agri-technology sectors and related food and textile industry stakeholders to bring about a step-change in performance and competitiveness. To this end AgResearch invests its core funded monies into key strategic areas. ‘Creating the Advantage – Current themes in meat research’ You are invited to attend […]

Optimal nutrition focus of collaborative pet food project

A team led by AgResearch Senior Research Scientist Dr Emma Bermingham will undertake a three year research project to assist New Zealand’s red meat pet food industry to grow their super-premium exports. This project has been funded in the recently announced Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s 2015 science investment round, with contributions from three […]

Two-way benefits for AgResearch and the meat industry

The annual AgResearch Meat Industry Workshop held on March 18, 2015 was the biggest in the event’s 11 year history. The invitation-only workshop is one of the ways that AgResearch demonstrates its ongoing support of the industry, creating opportunities for industry representatives to discuss and prioritise issues and learn from each other. The workshops began in 2005 […]

AgResearch Meat Industry Workshop 2015

The “Meating The Future” Workshop held on March 18 was the biggest in the workshops 11 year history. Facilitator, Brian Dingwall of BCD Consulting Ltd introduced AgResearch’s Research Director , Warren McNabb, to open the workshop and introduce the Keynote Speaker, Dr Scott Champion, CEO of Beef + Lamb New Zealand. Scott considered the need to balance […]

WHISKAS® Tasty Textures Cat Food

An innovative pet food developed by Mars with the support of AgResearch and partners made mealtimes more exciting for cats all over the world. AgResearch was part of the consortium that helped create WHISKAS® Tasty Textures cat food, in response to Mars Petcare Australia and New Zealand’s challenge of delivering a premium pet food product […]

Carbon footprinting of NZ lamb

An industry-led project involving the Meat Industry Association, MAF, Beef + Lamb NZ, Landcorp and Ballance Agri-Nutrients was carried out by AgResearch to determine the carbon footprint of NZ lamb throughout the life cycle to the UK consumer. The project involved application of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methods to determine the total greenhouse gas (GHG) […]

Meat Industry Research Institute of New Zealand

We are more than a decade down the track from when the “Meat Industry Research Institute of New Zealand” (MIRINZ) joined with AgResearch Ltd. AgResearch is New Zealand’s largest Crown Research Institute (CRI), and its R&D covers the complete spectrum of pastorally based produce from genomics and conception to consumption and environmental issues. The previous […]