AgResearch success in High Value Nutrition contestable funding

Beef that can reduce cholesterol levels, milk that reduces the risk of allergies in children and cow’s milk for people who are dairy-intolerant are the aims of AgResearch’s three successful projects in the just-announced High Value Nutrition contestable funding round. “The High Value Nutrition National Science Challenge’s focus is on foods with scientifically validated health […]

AgResearch-led project receives $3.6 million for research into gut health

The Asian middle-classes are the target for an AgResearch-led project into gut health which has just been allocated $3.6 million by the High-Value Nutrition National Science Challenge. Principal Investigator Associate Professor Nicole Roy says she and other AgResearch colleagues will be working with the University of Otago, the Malaghan Institute of Medical Research and Plant […]

AgResearch-led project focuses on potential of rumen microbiome

AgResearch work has been recognised for leading the way in rumen microbial genomics at the 2015 Congress on Gastrointestinal Function held during April in Chicago, USA. The study of rumen microbes remains a major research area that is central to the health and productivity of ruminant livestock. AgResearch’s Rumen Microbiology team organised a Hungate1000 genomics […]