Huge savings for economy from humble wasp

A humble Irish wasp has saved New Zealand almost half a billion dollars, AgResearch estimates. The estimates also show that the benefits of the introduction of the wasp by AgResearch to control the highly destructive clover root weevil are expected to continue at an ongoing rate of at least $158 million per year. The total […]

Scientists looking for answers as pests fight back

As concern grows worldwide about bacteria developing resistance against antibiotics, AgResearch scientists are looking into how common pests in New Zealand are also fighting back against traditional measures to control them – and whether it all comes back to evolution. Principal Scientist at AgResearch, Professor Stephen Goldson, is working with his colleagues in an area […]

Black beetle biopesticide a step closer

A product containing a natural insecticide to fight one of New Zealand’s worst agricultural insect pests is a step closer following several years of successful research and trials by AgResearch. Research into the product, that is infused with the naturally-occurring bacteria Yersinia entomophaga (Ye), will shortly begin its second stage which includes investigating the optimum […]

A New Zealand link to the Chelsea Flower Show

An international science collaboration, Better Border Biosecurity (B3), that involves four New Zealand Crown Research Institutes and Lincoln University, will play a small but important part in showcasing the biosecurity expertise of scientists to gardeners of the world. The world-famous Chelsea Flower Show (May 19-23) is hosting an exhibit called ‘Beyond our borders’ that highlights […]

New research into understanding West Coast agricultural pest

Fresh research by AgResearch scientists will help unlock mysteries of one of the West Coast’s worst agricultural pests and allow farmers to make better management decisions and potentially save money. Porina caterpillars are grazers that have the potential to reduce the long term quality and production of pasture but AgResearch Senior Scientist Sarah Mansfield says […]