Lasers from above to zap weeds causing billion-dollar headache

Drone-mounted lasers could be used to zap weeds that are posing a billion-dollar problem for New Zealand agriculture, AgResearch scientists say.  AgResearch – with partners the Universities of Auckland and Michigan and NZ-based technology firm Redfern Solutions Limited – has been awarded just under $1 million from the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment’s Endeavour […]

Economic cost of Californian thistle and other pasture weeds much larger than previously estimated

New research shows the true cost of California thistle to be close to $700 million in lost pastoral farm revenue each year and also suggests that previous estimates of the cost of other agricultural weeds has been significantly underestimated. The figure is the work of scientists in the Farm Systems team at AgResearch and is […]

Biocontrol beetle shows great promise

Farmers will be able to observe first-hand the impressive impact of a biocontrol agent that acts against one of the country’s worst agricultural weeds at upcoming field days hosted by AgResearch. The green thistle beetle (Cassida rubiginosa) was released in 2007 to help fight Californian thistle. It’s now established in several parts of New Zealand […]

Proactive action controls spread of weed

AgResearch science is leading the way in preventative action against an extremely costly weed. Careful management is the key to protecting dairy farmer incomes from the effects of the giant buttercup weed, says AgResearch scientist Dr Graeme Bourdôt. Dairy farmers can lose $1,040 per hectare per year in bottom line profit with just a 12% […]