Study of mutant sheep provides exciting new opportunities

Research into “mutant” sheep has AgResearch scientists eyeing up a greater understanding of what makes human hair curly or straight, and the potential for innovative new wool products. Commonly known as Felting Lustre mutants, these sheep are rare and share the trait of naturally occurring straight wool, instead of the usual crimped wool.  “With these […]

Wool as a `last line of defence’ for armed forces and emergency services

AgResearch scientists have been putting the heat on wool garments to see what level of fire protection they can provide to those in the armed forces or emergency services. With wool’s burn resistant properties being well-known, AgResearch – working alongside co-funder Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) and UK-based New Zealand company Armadillo Merino – has been […]

The stylish shirt with science pedigree

The development of a unique merino wool fabric by AgResearch scientists has allowed a small New Zealand apparel company to create a niche product to market globally online. The stylish OneBlackShirt tailored shirts are made of a unique merino wool fabric developed by AgResearch for Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) wool in 2005 -2006. The fabric […]

Wool carpet to make life easier

Does a busy carpet make walking difficult for elderly people? AgResearch scientists have tested this in recently published research. The work, published in the Journal of the Textile Institute, describes research in developing carpets that make walking easier for those with compromised eyesight or mobility. It’s long been recommended in industry literature that brightly-coloured carpets […]

World first wool running shoe

A world-first woollen running shoe using fabrics designed by AgResearch has launched onto the market. The first production run of the wool runners, which have been created by New Zealand company Three Over Seven, sold out shortly after they were listed on crowd funding website Kickstarter. The Wool Runner highlights the work AgResearch has done […]


AgResearch’s textile engineers have developed a wool-scouring machine to overcome the need for small-scale producers to resort to high-cost commercial processing services. Specialty producers face the frustration of lack of appropriately-scaled machinery and the high cost and inflexibility of commercial processing services, for what are considered by the industry to be niche quantities. However as […]

Deal takes dyeing tech global

An AgResearch-developed wool dyeing technology that bridges the gap between high performance and haute couture is set to shine on a global stage thanks to a worldwide licensing deal. The revolutionary textile dyeing process, which is now being commercialised by Wellington-based BGI Developments, enables wool to be dyed two colours at the same time providing […]

Scientists search for silky sheep

AgResearch scientists are again searching for lambs with curious coats and need farmers help to find them during lambing. ​Last year scientists asked farmers to be on the look-out for lustre lambs – animals with an unusual coat that is the result of a natural mutation which enhances the lustre characteristics of their wool. “While […]