Biopolymer Network wins KiwiNet award

The Biopolymer Network: Dr Kate Parker from Scion, Dr Nigel Larsen from Plant & Food Research, Steve Ranford from AgResearch Ltd, and Hon Steven Joyce. (Gerry Le Roux, Sciencelens)

AgResearch is proud to be part of the Biopolymer Network (BPN), which was announced as the commercialisation collaboration winner at the annual KiwiNet research commercialisation awards in Auckland on 17th June 2015.

BPN is based in Rotorua and was set up in 2005. It is jointly owned by three Crown Research Institutes: AgResearch, Scion, and Plant & Food Research.

BPN has, through original research, developed and continues to develop its portfolio of intellectual property in biopolymers, bio-based specialty chemicals, bio-composites, bio-foams and moulded structures. Working together, the key partners in the BPN are actively taking these products into the market place both to achieve their vision of a sustainable bio-based world and to create wealth.

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