Farmax helps high performers excel

A tool that helps ambitious farmers get the most out of their businesses is making its mark after expanding into the dairy sector.

Farmax is a unique farm planning software tool which was developed by AgResearch in the late ’80s to help sheep and beef farmers make informed decisions on how to develop their businesses.

A trusted beef and sheep planning software tool, Farmax was redesigned to handle the specific forecasts a dairy farm requires to assess the effects of management practices on overall profitability.

For farm consultants, Farmax offers a tool that they can use to undertake quite complex analyses very quickly, using a system custom built for New Zealand. It enables them to offer advice based on a robust and proven model.

For farmers it offers the opportunity to set clear plans and goals for their business. They can sit down with a consultant and use Farmax to map out a plan for the year detailing what they want to achieve, which can be shared with everyone in the business.

Farmax Senior Technical Specialist Steven Howarth says Farmax Dairy is based on the proven science used within the sheep and beef model.

“It also adds specific detail about the feed intake requirements of dairy cows and effects on production and body condition score. Users can tell the system what they plan to feed the cows, both pasture and supplements, and based on this the system can predict milk production and body condition score,” he says.

“Since the launch of the product we’ve had consistent feedback from clients amazed that the model can predict milk production to a high level of accuracy.

“It can also be used to run ‘what if?’ scenarios on the business; from this it is able to quantify not only the impact on the feed budget, but also the financial impact.”

Since its introduction to the dairy industry, Farmax Dairy has been used by industry, researchers, consultants and farmers to model thousands of different farm scenarios.

The number of users has doubled in the past 12 months, with the list of high profile farm operations using Farmax Dairy including MyFarm, Synlait, DairyNZ and Fonterra in addition to many other owner- operated farm businesses.