Meat Industry Workshop – 15th March 2016

AgResearch is charged with engaging with the pastoral, agri-food and agri-technology sectors and related food and textile industry stakeholders to bring about a step-change in performance and competitiveness. To this end AgResearch invests its core funded monies into key strategic areas.

‘Creating the Advantage – Current themes in meat research’

You are invited to attend a workshop that creates an opportunity for industry to learn about three of our key strategic programmes and to partner with us to maximise research outcomes for the benefit of the meat industry.

The aim of the workshop to is allow open discussion on the topics presented and throughout the day comment from the audience will be encouraged.

To maximise the value from the day invited industry speakers have been included in the programme to provide a more in depth coverage of the topic.

The BBQ at the end of the day is an excellent opportunity for socialising with like-minded people and further exchange of ideas.


  • Added Value Products — focuses on highlighting
    key points of differentiation in New Zealand meat
    products. The research projects are focused on
    credible health and nutritional benefits of meat
    products which help differentiate New Zealand
    meat in the marketplace.
  • Value from Quality — aims to provide research
    outcomes that will enable the New Zealand meat
    industry to meet increasing demand for high value
    premium meat products in existing and new
  • Food Assurance and Provenance — covers
    research from “fork-back-to-farm” to help ensure
    that New Zealand’s exports are safe, of superior
    quality, have defendable provenance and
    produced in ways that are attractive to consumers
    and underpins the “NZ Brand”.


The Meat Industry Workshop event is hosted by AgResearch:
Date: Tuesday 15th March 2016
Venue: Ruakura Campus Club,
AgResearch Ruakura Campus, Hamilton. The workshop is followed by drinks and BBQ at AgResearch Ruakura.


The Workshop Registration Form, Programme information and a Ruakura Campus map can be accessed in the links below:


For further information please contact:
Rell Sumner
Food & Bio-based Products
T +64 7 838 5050
F +64 7 838 5628