Shop window for stakeholders

Tuesday 15 March 2016

It was a record turnout at the successful 2016 AgResearch Meat Industry Workshop.

Representatives from almost all meat processing companies in New Zealand as well as from industry bodies, government, universities and other parts of the red meat value network came to AgResearch’s Ruakura campus for the workshop.

This annual workshop enables AgResearch science staff exchange ideas and develop research opportunities with industry stakeholders. It acts as a ‘shop window’ for the industry into the science undertaken by AgResearch and its collaborators.

Attendees were welcomed by AgResearch CEO, Tom Richardson who was followed by keynote speaker Allan Barber.

The day was broken into three sections:

  • Added Value Products
  • Value from Quality
  • Food Provenance and Assurance.

Research results and projects updates were given by AgResearch staff and collaborators, followed by a discussion panel where themes from the day could be explored in more detail and feedback given.

Presentations from the 2016 Workshop are provided below (as PDF files).

Keynote address: How and why future meat research is important – Allan Barber

Session 1: Added Value Products

Beef Hotpot acceptability – Mustafa Farouk, AgResearch

Bio-Resource Processing Alliance – Anna Yallop, BPA

Adding value to New Zealand red meat – Emma Bermingham, AgResearch

Keynote: Value from Processing – Tim Juzefowicz, CFS Proteins, Australia

Bio-processing protein into nutritional foods – Shane Leath, AgResearch

Session 2: Value from Quality

Keynote: Research, Industry and the Regulator – Nigel Lucas, MPI

Food Industry Enabling Technologies (FIET) Project overview – Clara Bah, AgResearch

Thresholds to bacterial spoilage on meat – John Mills, AgResearch

The rise of fat – Tricia Johnson, AgResearch

Effects of cooking on meat proteins – Santanu Deb –Choudhury, AgResearch

BLG Spectral project – Adam Stuart, AgResearch

New opportunities for meaty foods – Scott Knowles, AgResearch

Biochemical changes with High Pressure Processing of pre-rigor Longissimus dorsi – Jim Morton, Lincoln University

Session 3: Food Provenance and Assurance

On-Farm controls for STEC – Adrian Cookson, AgResearch

Confinement odour – Marlon Reis, AgResearch

Meat Provenancing: Finding new industrial applications for DART – Arvind Subbaraj, AgResearch

Meating expectations – Jim Webster, AgResearch

Improving box integrity in the Chilled Food Supply Chain – Saad Hussain, Scion

Meat Provenance – Marlon Reis, AgResearch

Creating more value from your data – Mark Loeffen, Delytics