WHISKAS® Tasty Textures Cat Food

An innovative pet food developed by Mars with the support of AgResearch and partners made mealtimes more exciting for cats all over the world.

AgResearch was part of the consortium that helped create WHISKAS® Tasty Textures cat food, in response to Mars Petcare Australia and New Zealand’s challenge of delivering a premium pet food product to boost New Zealand’s export markets.

AgResearch has extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of added-value meat products. This collaborative project assisted Mars in enhancing the aesthetics and palatability of WHISKAS® cat food, which was manufactured at their Wanganui facility.

The result was a new premium pet food range – WHISKAS® Tasty Textures cat food.

AgResearch meat scientist Mustafa Farouk says that with petfood you are dealing with two customers, and they are both very important.

“You have to please the owner of the pet as well as the animal. So we looked to create a product that had improved texture and a more natural appearance.

“To improve the texture we needed to understand protein chemistry, and how to use this to restructure meat into different forms. We worked on this with Mars to develop knowledge that helped create the WHISKAS® Tasty Textures product range.

“This work enabled a new premium use of lower value meats, ensuring better utilisation of the whole animal carcase.

“WHISKAS® Tasty Textures cat food was a great example of how by creating a product that looks more appetising, you can create a premium pet food product that appeals to both the animals and their owners.”