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Rural Futures

A child climbing a farm fence

The Rural Futures programme will deliver a portfolio of tools, systems and processes to support the New Zealand pastoral industry to adapt and remain sustainable in response to the future pressures they face.

External pressures include market, societal and policy changes that operate at local, national and international scales. The ability to adapt to these pressures against a background of constrained natural resources and inputs (such as energy, soil, water and skilled labour) is vital to the continued success of New Zealand’s industry. These pressures will shape future farm systems and offer both risks and opportunities for industry growth.

New Zealand farmers and the agents that advise and support them will need to extend their ability to learn, plan and innovate and thus gain confidence to proactively and effectively respond to pressures. This programme aligns with central government and industry strategic plans, by developing tools, processes and systems that support capacity building in the pastoral industry, enabling the end-users to respond to risks and opportunities in ways that are environmentally, economically and socially sustainable.


 Key information

  • The Rural Futures project aims to help farmers respond proactively to future changes.

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