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Image of a meat dish with a glass of red wine


Please explore the rest of the Meat & Dairy Foods website section to find more information about the researchers affiliated with AgResearch MIRINZ and their work.


We are more than a decade down the track from when the “Meat Industry Research Institute of New Zealand” (MIRINZ) joined with AgResearch Ltd.

AgResearch Ltd is NZ’s largest Crown Research Institute (CRI), and its R&D covers the complete spectrum of pastorally based produce from genomics and conception to consumption and environmental issues. The previous MIRINZ capability slots in well between the “farm gate and the customer’s plate”, where it always did. However, in many ways this is enhanced with the huge capability of the AgResearch organisation behind it.

As with the old MIRINZ, a “one-stop-shop” for process related projects and developments has been maintained.

One of the obvious changes has been the move to a more fundamental R&D focus and less consulting work. This has lead to some significant advances and appropriate scientific publications as well as developments with the NZ meat industry.




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