Dr. Gregory Bryan

Principal Scientist

E: gregory.bryan@agresearch.co.nz


PhD, Fungal Biotechnology, 1992-1995

University of East Anglia, UK


MSc (Hon I), University of Auckland, 1991


BSc, University of Auckland, 1988

Research interests & activities

Greg is a science leader in the Plant Biotechnology team at AgResearch. He is focused on commercializing biotechnology applications in the forage species perennial ryegrass, white clover and alfalfa, and lead a multidisciplinary team of scientists to develop GM high metabolisable energy and increased biomass forage cultivars. The work includes developing a pathway to perform field trials and animal nutrition studies overseas.
Greg also serves as Chief Technology Officer for Zeakal Inc. This involves managing the science programme implementing two novel traits into soybean. PhotoSeed is an enhanced photosynthesis and yield trait for crops utilizing C3 photosynthesis and SunZoil is a yield trait for increasing the oil composition of oilseed crops.


KiwiNet 2016 PWC Commercial Deal of the YearDrs Nick Roberts and Greg Bryan, Principal Scientists in the Plant Biotechnology Team in Forage Improvement, Palmerston North and CSO and CTO of ZeaKal respectively were winners of PwC Commercial Deal Award at the 2016 KiwiNet Research Commercialisation Awards.

AgResearch Science Prize, 2013

Recognising outstanding achievement in research quality and relevance for a scientific paper. Awarded to the team (Mike Christensen, Christine Voisey, Helal Ansari, Richard Johnson, Greg Bryan, Wayne Simpson and John Koolaard) for: Epichloe endophytes grow by intercalary hyphal extension in elongating grass leaves. Published in Fungal Genetics & Biology 2007.