Dr. Jolon Dyer

Science Group Leader Foods&Biobased

E: Jolon.Dyer@agresearch.co.nz


PhD (Chemistry)

BSc (Hons), 1st Class

Professional Memberships

  • Associate Professor
  • wine
  • Food and Molecular Biosciences
  • Lincoln Unviersity
  • Biomolecular Interaction Centre
  • Unviersity of Canterbury
  • Associate Investigtor
  • Riddet Institute
  • based at Massey University


Selected Recognition:
2010        American Society for Photobiology New Investigator Award
2008        NZIAHS PGG Wrightson Significant Achievement Award
2005        AWI/DWI Award for Excellence in Wool Science Personal Award 


Selected Publications:


1.     (2016) Yu T-Y, Morton J, Clerens S, Dyer J Proteomic investigation of protein profile changes and amino acid residue-level modification in cooked lamb longissimus thoracis et lumborum: the effect of roasting) – Meat Science 119 pp 80–88.
2.    (2016) Dyer J, Clerens S, Grosvenor A, Thomas A, Callaghan C, Deb-Choudhury S, Haines S Proteomic tracking of hydrothermal Maillard and redox modification in lactoferrin and β-lactoglobulin: Location of lactosylation, carboxymethylation and oxidation sites Journal of Dairy Science 99 pp 3295-3304.
3.    (2016) Tang Y, Dyer J, Deb-Choudhury S, Li Trace Metals in Hairs from Frequent Hair Dyers in China and the Effects on Photooxidative Damage of Hair Photochemistry & Photobiology B: Biology 156 pp 35–40.


4.    (2016) Grosvenor A, Marsh J, Thomas A, Vernon J, Harland D, Clerens S, Dyer J Oxidative modification in human hair: The effect of the levels of Cu (II) ions, UV exposure, and hair pigmentation Photochemistry & Photobiology 92 (1) pp 144-149.
6.    (2015) Johnson R, Lane G, Koulman A, Cao M, Fraser K. Dyer J, Voisey C, Pratt J, Christensen M, Fleetwood D, Bryan G, Simpson W, Johnson L A novel family of cyclic oligopeptides derived from ribosomal peptide synthesis of an in planta-induced gene, gigA, in Epichloё endophytes of grasses Fungal Genetics & Biology 85 pp 14-24. [IF 2.587]