Dr. Katherine Tozer

Senior Scientist - Farm Systems

E: Katherine.Tozer@agresearch.co.nz


B. Ag. Sci. (University of Melbourne)
Masters Ag. Sci. (University of Melbourne)
PhD (University of Melbourne)

Research interests & activities

Undertaking and managing research related to pasture establishment and persistence in dairy, and sheep and beef pastures. This includes research on:
  • morphological traits associated with persistence.
  • impact of abiotic and biotic stresses on ryegrass growth.
  • pasture establishment methods in non-cultivatable hill country.
  • ecology and management of summer-active grasses in North Island dairy pastures.
I have also been involved in developing AgPest, a website to disseminate independent information on the impact, biology and control  of key pasture weeds and pests. www.agpest.co.nz.

Professional Memberships

  • New Zealand Grassland Association
  • New Zealand Plant Protection Society


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