Dr. Michael Wilson

Senior Scientist

E: Michael.Wilson@agresearch.co.nz


BSc. 2i (hons) Microbiology, University Bristol 1987

PhD Department of Agricultural Science, University of Bristol 1992. 

Research interests & activities

             Biological, chemical and physical methods for controlling slug pests
             Nematodes as biological control agents

             Nematodes as environmental indicators


Honorary Lecturer, Dept. of Biological Sciences, the University of Waikato

Members of editorial board of Annals of Applied Biology


(2016) Wilson M, Wilson D, Rogers A, Gerard P  Developing a strategy for using entomopathogenic nematodes to control the African black beetle (Heteronychus arator) in New Zealand pastures and investigating temperature constraints. Biological Control 93 PP 1-7.

(2015)  Wilson M, Ivanova E, Spiridonov S  Born to be wild – don’t forget the invertebrates.   Trends in Parasitology 31 PP 530-532. (2015) Wilson M, Digweed A, Brown J, Ivanova E, Hapca S Invasive slug pests and their parasites – differential thermal tolerance and potential implications of climate change.  Biology and Fertility of Soils  51 PP  739-748