Dr. Mike Cripps


E: Mike.Cripps@agresearch.co.nz


PhD Ecology, Lincoln University, NZ, 2010.
MSc Entomology, University of Idaho, USA, 2005.
BSc Environmental Biology, University of Guelph, Canada, 2001.

Research interests & activities

Broadly, my research concerns the influence natural enemies (insects and pathogens) on plant populations. This research is primarily in the context of biological control of weeds including, classical, augmentative, and bioherbicide approaches.  Currently, my research has a particular emphasis on biocontrol of thistle weeds of pasture.


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Rostás, M., Cripps, M., & Silcock, P. (2015) Aboveground endophyte affects root volatile emission and host plant selection of a belowground insect. Oecologia 177: 487-497.
Cripps, M., Bourdôt, G., Saville, D.J., & Berner, D.K. (2014) Success with the rust pathogen, Puccinia punctiformis, for biological control of Cirsium arvense. In Proceedings of the XIV International Symposium on Biological Control of Weeds (ed. by F.A.C. Impson, K. C.A. & J.H. Hoffmann), pp. 83-88, Kruger National Park, South Africa.
Cripps, M.G., Bourdot, G.W., & Fowler, S.V. (2013) Sleeper thistles in New Zealand: status and biocontrol potential. New Zealand Plant Protection 66: 99-104.

Cripps, M., Bourdot, G., & Bailey, K. (2012) Plant pathogens as biocontrol agents for Cirsium arvense – an answer to Müller and Nentwig. NeoBiota 13: 31-39.
Cripps, M.G., Gassmann, A., Fowler, S.V., Bourdot, G.W., McClay, A.S., & Edwards, G.R. (2011) Classical biological control of Cirsium arvense: Lessons from the past. Biological Control 57: 165-174.