Dr. Mike Dodd

Senior Scientist

E: mike.dodd@agresearch.co.nz


  • Bachelor of Agricultural Science (First Class Honours). Massey University
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Rangeland Ecosystem Science). Colorado State University

Research interests & activities

  • pasture agronomy
  • grassland ecology
  • soil fertility
  • indigenous biodiversity management
  • integrated catchment management
  • silvo-pastoral systems
  • agricultural systems modelling


Professional Memberships

  • New Zealand Grassland Association
  • New Zealand Ecological Society
  • New Zealand Institute of Agricultual and Horticultural Science


  • Waikato Botanical Society Award 2005
  • Ellett Agricultural Research Trust study grant 2007
  • NZIAHS Science Award 2009


Dodd, M.B.; Wedderburn, M.E.; Parminter, T.G.; Thorrold, B.S.; Quinn, J.M. (2008) Transformation toward agricultural sustainability in New Zealand hill country pastoral landscapes. Agricultural Systems 98:95-107.

Dodd, M.; Barker G.; Burns, B.; Didham, R.; Innes, J.; King, C.; Smale, M.; Watts, C. (2011) The resilience of New Zealand indigenous forest fragments to impacts of livestock and pest mammals. New Zealand Journal of Ecology 35(1) 83-95

Dodd, M.D.; Mackay, A.D. (2011) Effects of contrasting soil fertility on root mass, root growth, root decomposition and soil carbon under a New Zealand perennial ryegrass/white clover pasture. Plant and Soil 349(1):291-302.

Schipper, L.A.; Dodd, M.B.; Pronger, J.; Upsdell, M.; Mudge, P.; Moss, R. (2012) Decadal changes in soil carbon and nitrogen under a range of irrigation and phosphorus fertiliser treatments. Soil Science Society of America Journal 77: 246-256.

Burns, B.R.; Dodd, M.B.; Hartnett, T. (2013) Auckland’s green volcanic heart: groundcover vegetation and soils of the Auckland volcanic cone reserve network. Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand 43(4):184-197.

Newton, P.C.D.; Lieffering, M.; Li, F.; Ganesh, S.; Dodd, M.B. (2014) Detection of historical changes in pasture growth and attribution to climate change. Climatic Change 61:203-216.