Dr. Richard Scott

Science Team Leader - Animal Health

E: Richard.Scott@agresearch.co.nz


BSc (Massey University, New Zealand). 

PhD (Plant Biotechnology. University of Nottingham, UK). 

Research interests & activities

As the Science Team Leader for the Animal Health Team and the Plant Biotechnology Team I provide administrative oversight for the Teams, as well as having scientific input into the various research projects underway. 

  • Livestock production and welfare and its reciprocal relationship with the management of animal health and welfare. 
  • Plant biotechnology for increased biomass and energy content, and reduced environmental impact. 
  • Development of drug resistance, and subsequent reversion. 



Somrutai Winichayakul, Anton Pernthaner, Sam Livingston, Ruth Cookson, Richard Scott, Nick Roberts (2012) Production of active single-chain antibodies in seeds using trimeric polyoleosin fusion.  Journal of Biotechnology 161: 407‑413. 

Scott RW, Yoo SD, Hunter DA, Gong D, Chen B, Leung S and McManus MT (2010) Regulation of 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate oxidase gene expression during leaf ontogeny in white clover. Plant Growth Regulation 62: 31‑41. 

Scott RW, Winichayakul S, Roldan M, Cookson R, Willingham M, Castle M, Pueschel R, Peng C-C, Tzen JTC and Roberts NJ (2010) Elevation of oil body integrity and emulsion stability by polyoleosins, multiple oleosin units joined in tandem head to tail fusions. Plant Biotechnology Journal 8: 912‑927.