Dr. Trevor Jackson

Principal Scientist

E: trevor.jackson@agresearch.co.nz

Dr Trevor Jackson is a Principal Scientist at AgResearch Ltd, New Zealand, working on biocontrol, pest management and microbial product development. His main research has focussed on developing naturally occurring micro-organisms as biological control agents for the control of insect pests. This research has centred on beetle pests of the Family Scarabaeidae and has included development of the bacterium Serratia entomophila as a biopesticide for the New Zealand grass grub (Costelytra giveni (formerly C. zealandica) and use of the Oryctes nudivirus for control of the coconut rhinoceros beetle (Oryctes rhinoceros). He has also worked extensively on production, formulation, registration and application of a wide range of microbial products for pest and disease control. He has published more than 100 papers in refereed scientific journals and books and is a regular organiser of international meetings on pest management and microbial control. He is frequently involved in training courses, consultancies and development projects in the Asia/Pacific and Latin American regions. He is currently managing research and development projects in biocontrol and sustainable agriculture in Ecuador and the Pacific island states.

Some recent publications

Marshall, SDG, Moore, A, Vaqalo M, Noble A, and Jackson TA. 2017. A new haplotype of the coconut rhinoceros beetle, Oryctes rhinoceros, has escaped biological control by Oryctes rhinoceros nudivirus and is invading Pacific Islands. Journal of Invertebrate Pathology, 149: 127-134.

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Zitlalpopoca-Hernandez G, Najera-Rincon MB, del-Val E, Alarcon A, Jackson TA, and Larsen J. (2017). Multitrophic interactions between maize mycorrhizas, the root feeding insect Phyllophaga vetula and the entomopathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana. Applied Soil Ecology 115: 38-43.

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Marshall SDG, Jackson TA, Unelius CR, Wee SL, Young SD, Townsend RJ and Suckling DM. (2016). Morganella morganii bacteria produces phenol as the sex pheromone of the New Zealand grass grub from tyrosine in the colleterial gland. The Science of Nature 103(7/8).

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