Dr. Val Snow

Senior Scientist/Systems Modelling

E: Val.Snow@agresearch.co.nz


B. Agr. Sci.

PhD (soil physics)

Research interests & activities

Val has expertise in the development and application of various types of modelling, but primarily mechanistic or process-based modelling, of agricultural systems. Her expertise is applied from the background of primary training in soil physics and agricultural systems followed by experience in working in many different primary production systems including: sub-surface irrigated corn in the mid-west of the USA, plantation forestry utilising municipal effluents in southern Australia, various cropping systems in several regions of Australia, intensive vegetable production in New Zealand and in pastoral production systems in New Zealand.


2015+ – Editorial Board Member of Environmental Modelling & Software

2014+ – Editorial Board Member of Agricultural Systems

2014+ Invited member of the Overseer Reference Panel

2013 – Finalist in the KiwiNet Commercialisation Collaboration Award (Land Use Change and Intensification team award)

2011+- Invited member of the APSIM Initiative Reference Panel

1999 – CSIRO Chairman’s Gold Medal; 1997 – Theo Charles-Jones Tree Award; 1996 – BHP Landcare Research Award for New South Wales; 1995 – Australian Banksia Environmental Award; (these awards as a member of the Wagga Wagga Effluent Plantation Project team)


Snow, V.O., Rotz, C.A., Moore, A.D., Martin-Clouaire, R., Johnson, I.R., Hutchings, N.J., Eckard, R.J., 2014. The challenges – and some solutions – to process-based modelling of grazed agricultural systems. Environmental Modelling & Software 62, 420-436. [link to published article]


Holzworth, D.P., Snow, V.O., Janssen, S., Athanasiadis, I.N., Donatelli, M., Hoogenboom, G., White, J.W., Thorburn, P.J., 2015. Agricultural production systems modelling and software: Current status and future prospects. Environmental Modelling & Software in press. [link to published article]


Snow, V.O., Smale, P.N., Dodd, M.B., 2013. Process-based modelling to understand the impact of ryegrass diversity on production and leaching from grazed grass-clover dairy pastures. Crop and Pasture Science 64, 1020-1031. [link to published article]