Dr. Wade Mace


E: wade.mace@agresearch.co.nz


BSc MSc PhD (Chemistry) University of Waikato

Research interests & activities

Natural Products Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry specialising in:

  • Development of methods for quantifying novel and bioactive endophyte metabolites using advanced LC-MS/MS techniques
  • Chemical characterisation of novel and bioactive endophyte metabolites
  • Development of rapid screening methods for identifying endophytes of scientific and commercial interest
  • Quantitative assessment of secondary metabolite expression (namely alkaloids) in host/endophyte associations, utilising GC-FID, UHPLC and LC-MS/MS techniques
  • Evaluating performance of novel endophyte/host associations for scientific and commercial development
  • Development of tools to assist in the breeding for the enhancement of nutritive value in forage grasses


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