Dr. Wayne Young

Senior Scientist

E: Wayne.Young@agresearch.co.nz



Research interests & activities

My primary research area is studying the complex interactions between food, microbes and host.


Young W, Hine BC, Wallace OAM, Callaghan M, Bibiloni R. (2015) Transfer of intestinal bacterial components to mammary secretions in the cow. PeerJ, 3:e888.Young W, Egert M, Bassett SA, Bibiloni R (2015). Detection of sialic acid-utilising bacteria in a caecal community in culture using RNA-based stable isotope probing. Nutrients, 7(4), 2109-2124.Young W, Roy NC, Lee J, Lawley B, Otter D, Henderson G, and Tannock GW (2013). Bowel Microbiota Moderate Host Physiological Responses to Dietary Konjac in Weanling Rats. Journal of Nutrition, 143(7), 1052-1060.