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December 2010

Shampoo discovery restores shine to hair

Jolon Dyer tries out Segreta Shampoo

Dr Jolon Dyer tries out Segreta Shampoo

When Japanese cosmetic giant Kao Corporation wanted to develop a shampoo that would really improve, as well as wash, the hair of over-40s women, and give the company an advantage in the shampoo market, they turned to Dr Jolon Dyer and the AgResearch Protein Quality and Function Team at Lincoln.

As a result, a range of hair-care products called Segreta (Italian for Secret) was launched in 2007 with television advertising featuring supermodel Christy Turlington. The marketing stressed hair care technology that worked at the cellular level. The Segreta hair-care products have been a huge success in Japan and Kao are currently considering expanding sales of the products into further international markets. Kao Corporation believes AgResearch has helped them develop a formulation that has allowed them to maintain a strong commercial advantage in the personal care market in Asia.

Kao had undertaken market research that indicated that a majority of women are deeply concerned with losing shine and bounce in their hair as they age. In the hair-care market, however, information and brands are focused on younger consumers and are limited for mature women. So they sought out the skills and capabilities of AgResearch.

The subsequent research undertaken by Dr Dyer’s team was able to demonstrate at the hair protein level, the effect of eucalyptus extract in restoring shine to dull hair. They were able to show that the extract works within the hair fibre to gradually straighten out micro-kinks that lead to loss of lustre. The three years of research took Japanese-speaking Dr Dyer to Japan many times to meet with Kao and their scientists.Dr Dyer has led breakthroughs in understanding the modification and degradation of fibrous proteins and his team has an excellent understanding of the molecular level processes that determine fibre quality.

"Collaboration with AgResearch has allowed us to be at the forefront of hair science globally. We believe that Dr Dyer's team are the world-ldeaders in fibre proteomics and protecin chemistry."

Dr Shinobu Nagase, R&D Manager for Hair Product development, Kao Corporation


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