Diseases and parasites currently cost New Zealand farmers >$1 billion p.a. in lost production and treatments. In parallel with this resistance to drugs poses a significant risk to our ability to continue to maintain healthy livestock. Also, consumers are demanding higher animal welfare standards from agricultural producers matched with lower chemical inputs, and providing information with the product supporting these approaches can increase consumers’ willingness to pay a premium for the product.

The Animal Health Team is focusing on two complex interlinked research themes that we see as key to solving these problems: 1.) Better Disease Control Through Management and 2.) Vaccines. In five years the Animal Health Team is aiming to be the:

• Global leader in transforming parasite ecology and pesticide resistance data into mathematical models that can predict disease
risk and provide farmers with decision support information

• Global leader in developing tools and recommendations for managing drug resistant parasites in livestock

• Global leader in developing vaccines against parasite and infectious diseases.