State Services Commission inquiry into the use of external security consultants

As a Crown Entity, AgResearch Limited has recently been involved in the State Services Commission’s inquiry into the use of external security consultants, based on the attached letter of authority:

AgResearch engaged Thompson and Clark Investigations Limited between 2006 and 2016 to provide risk management services.

Below is a list of information that was provided as part of the State Services Commission’s inquiry. Links to copies of the letters provided to the inquiry on 26 October and 2 November are provided below.

  • Initial information provided to the inquiry
  • Further information provided to inquiry
    • Covering letter to inquiry dated 2 November [click here to download]

    • Associated documents:
      • Document 1: record of payments made to Thompson and Clark
      • Document 2: 2006 Contract with Thompson and Clark, for an initial 12 month period. 
      • Document 3: Proposal for services received from Thompson and Clark in 2015. 
      • Document 4: 2007 letter from AgResearch Limited to Minister Maharey regarding an OIA request about its engagement of Thompson and Clark. 
      • File 1: OIA documents – please note these are available at this link: 
      • File 2: Reports received from Thompson and Clark. These reports were:
        • Regular Situation Reports, which were summaries of what we understand to be open source material about the activities or planned activities of animal rights and/or anti-GE groups so that we could prepare for any activity that could potentially cause harm to our people or property. The reports were received monthly between 2006 and the middle of 2014, and fortnightly between mid-2014 and when the engagement ended in April 2016.
        • Threat assessment reports, which were provided from time to time to assist AgResearch to manage specific threats at our facilities or for particular events, or to our people.

Due to the proprietary nature of the reports, and the copyrights attached to them, these documents are not provided here. 

  • Additional information provided to inquiry
    • An email clarifying that a “GM forages” meeting held in Wellington in 2009 that attended by a director of Thompson and Clark was a meeting between AgResearch and various stakeholders in relation to forage technologies, organised by AgResearch and one of its stakeholders.